• As far as investing in your home is concerned, few home improvement decisions are as beneficial as installing new windows. From improving your property value and curb appeal to increasing energy efficiency, new windows give you immediate and long term improvements. Is your home or business plagued by drafts, uneven temperatures, or high heating and cooling bills? Old windows could be the reason for all your problems. A new set of windows from the skilled crew at L & D Wilson can help you keep the weather outside and make you comfortable inside! There are several extra benefits to new windows, too, including increased noise reduction, easier cleaning, better protection, and much lower maintenance requirements. Contact one of our courteous representatives to discuss what replacement windows can do for your home!

  • Quality Window Repair Services

    If your lawn mower throws a rock and cracks your glass, you should call in our experts for quality window repair services. However, there are other not so obvious reasons why repair may be needed. Do your double pane windows have constant condensation in between them? Are you noticing drafts coming through your brand new windows? Have they become difficult to open or close? From sealing problems to broken window locks and everything in between, L & D Wilson Siding and Roofing specialists can help you with years of window repair expertise. Make sure your home stays safe and comfortable – call our team to discuss your situation today!

  • Thermal Windows

    One of the keys to improved energy efficiency is the use of thermal windows – but what exactly are they? This type of window is designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing multiple panes of high-performance glass. By using two or three of these panes with insulating gas between them, heat transfer is significantly diminished. Additionally, this glass blocks heat-generating UV light while allowing visible light through for further heat resistance without sacrificing the brightness of your living areas. Discuss your home’s needs with one of our representatives and discover the benefits of new thermal windows.

  • Call Our Window Experts for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Many property owners question whether the investment in new windows is worth the potential savings they could see in their energy bill. There are several factors to take into account when deciding whether or not to replace your home’s windows.

  • Type of Window

    There are many varieties of window you can purchase for your home or business and each can deliver varying results to your home’s energy efficiency. The window material and installation method, as well as more complicated factors such as U-values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ratings will all have a hand in just how much of a savings you’ll see. Consult one of our window installation specialists to help guide you through all this information and make the best decision for your property.

  • Location

    Much like deciding to buy your house in general, location matters. Depending on which side of your house the windows are located, the results of replacement may vary. South-facing windows, which endure direct sunlight, will show a marked improvement in your energy bills with new, more efficient windows. However, if your windows are already mostly shaded by trees or other structures, the savings may not be as considerable.

  • Home Features

    Do you utilize a smart thermostat in your home or business? Is your comfort system regularly maintained? Do you have adequate insulation throughout your property? All of these aspects will influence your overall energy efficiency and can affect how impactful new windows will be. Thermal windows can only do so much to overcome an outdated, poorly functioning HVAC system. For the best results, make sure your entire home is optimized for maximum efficiency.

    It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact amount you’ll see with replacement windows, typically, homeowners see at least 25% in savings all the way to 52%. Additionally, new windows deliver additional benefits to your home in the form of property value, curb appeal, and, quite simply, a more comfortable home interior! Contact one of L & D Wilson’s courteous representatives today to discuss the full line of windows we offer our customers!