• For over 40 years, L & D Wilson Siding and Roofing Inc. has been the local area’s authority for quality roofing repair, replacement, inspections, new construction, and much more. Our family-owned business is proud to offer effective roofing solutions to keep local area homes and businesses safe from the elements. Whether you need a brand new roof or a few spot repairs, we’ll make sure your property is covered with exceptional materials to keep your curb appeal high and your energy bills low! We believe in thorough service and getting the job done right the first time – no short cuts taken. For all your roofing needs, turn to the company with an attention to detail and a commitment to total customer satisfaction!

  • New Roof Construction

    If you’re building a new property from scratch, bring our team in for quality roofing installation to start your new home with confidence in its strength and security. When it comes to new construction, you want an experienced crew to deliver high quality products installed efficiently for long lasting durability. Additionally, we understand that while you want a quality new home, you also want to settle into it as soon as possible. That’s why our team doesn’t just work accurately, they work quickly, too. We offer comprehensive estimates on all our projects as well to ensure your new home is completed within your budget. When you want a superior roof to complement your brand new home, call in the specialists at L & D Wilson!

  • Roofing Repair

    Being your home’s first line of defense, your roof is subject to daily abuse. It’s unavoidable – at some point, you’re going to need to repair and restore it to full strength to keep your home safe. Storms can break or loosen your shingles, animals and birds can try and burrow their way in, and leaks or other seeping water can cause all manner of damage. In the O’Fallon Illinois area, L & D Wilson’s Siding and Roofing is the trusted authority for roofing repairs! Regardless of the damage you’ve sustained, our experienced crew can offer effective repair solutions to restore your roof’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Don’t wait another minute – without knowledgeable repair experts, small problems today can easily become expensive problems tomorrow!

  • Roofing Replacement

    In some instances, your current roof is simply not up to the task. Age and damage will eventually take their toll and the amount of necessary repairs will add up to an excessive cost. In this case, the best and most cost-effective solution would be a complete roof replacement. Installing a new roof is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make for your home. When it’s time to do so, you want the best team possible working on your property to ensure an easy, safe, and efficient job. In the local area, no crew is more trusted than the one at L & D Wilson. We’re committed to expert roofing service you can count on for years to come. Contact us today and our courteous representatives will help guide you through this substantial process to deliver the results you deserve.

  • Roofing Inspections

    How do you know when your roof is unfit to protect your family and possessions? While there are some indications you could see, there’s no better way to know for sure than bringing in our roofing professionals for a thorough inspection. Our expert team can read all the warning signs of a disintegrating roofing system and offer the most effective solution. Without a proper roofing inspection, many hazards could go unnoticed from loose seams and damaged flashing to mold or other signs of water damage. It’s recommended to get an inspection for your roof once a year to help locate any potential problems and fix them before they get out of hand. Call L & D Wilson’s roofing specialists to schedule a roofing check-up today!

  • Repair vs. Replacement: Which Do I Need?

    Roofing problems are often intimidating to most property owners. With so much of your home or business’s defense riding on its strength and durability, it can be overwhelming to try and determine the state of your roof and face any damage you encounter. Making sure your roof is healthy and able to function as it should is vital to maintaining a safe and secure home – any damage you find should be dealt with as soon as possible. But, how can you tell if your issues simply require a bit of repair as opposed to a complete replacement? Here are some of the warning signs you should look out for.

    1. Missing shingles are probably the most obvious indication that your roof is in need of professional roofing service. Your roof is only as strong as its weakest shingle, so the occasional that are missing should be replaced as soon as possible. If the missing shingles make up large sections, however, total replacement may be in order.
    2. If you notice curling or buckling shingles, you should have your roof replaced entirely. This is a sign that your roof is either defective or past its life expectancy. A build-up of shingle granules in your gutters can occur alongside the shingle warping and, combined, make for a very strong case that your roof is too old to be effective and could be prone to leaking.
    3. You know how a roof should look – any noticeable sagging is a clear sign of problems. This could signify deep structural faults in your attic or the supports in your foundation. If that sounds serious, it is – call in roofing professionals if you notice this roofing red flag.
    4. Obviously, your roof is supposed to keep out the elements. If you notice sunlight peeking through it, you can guarantee something isn’t right – if light is getting through, air, rain, and snow can get through as well.
  • Keeping these warning signs in mind, ask yourself these questions to determine which of our professional services is right for you.

    • What is the age of your roof?

    Typically, roofs are built to last 10 to 15 years at the most. Different shingle materials can possibly extend this time frame, but at the 15 year mark, you should definitely begin to monitor your roof for signs of decline. In many cases, once a roof is past its prime, a complete replacement would be a better investment than individual repairs.

    • What is the extent of the damage you’ve found?

    A missing shingle or two, some loose flashing around your chimney, or other individual signs of wear and tear, could be corrected by some simple repair services. However, issues that are more extensive, such as larger patches of missing shingles or widespread leakage, can be the first clue that your roof will need to be replaced soon. It may be possible for a partial roof replacement depending on your roof’s age and whether your existing shingles can be matched with new ones.

    • What kind of plans do you have for your property?

    As most home owners know, a roof replacement is a large investment. Choosing between roofing repair and replacement can depend partly on whether or not you are planning to stay in your current home for the foreseeable future. Are you planning on moving soon? In that case, you may be able to get away with basic repairs. However, if you see yourself spending the next 10 plus years in your location, a new roof can be a valuable improvement to make. Also, a new roof can potentially add value to your home through enhanced curb appeal and energy efficiency.