• L & D Wilson Siding and Roofing, Inc. can help you stay comfortable in your outdoor living area as well as inside your house. With a reliable awning, your deck or patio will have superior protection from sun, light rain showers, UV rays, while keeping you cool and comfy. Attaching to the side of your home via the wall, roof, or soffit, awnings are composed of metal frames with fabric stretched over top of it. You have a few options when choosing an awning for your property – they can come in one of the following configurations.

    • Stationary – As it sounds, this type of awning is permanently mounted to your home’s exterior and always in the extended position. While these are very sturdy and stable, the fact that they’re always unfurled means they’re susceptible to the dangers of strong winds and other hazardous weather.
    • Freestanding – Not attached to your property in any way, freestanding canopies can be relocated around your deck wherever you need shade. This freedom of movement does come at a price, however – freestanding awnings do not provide as much shade as their stationary counterparts.
    • Retractable – The most versatile shading option, retractable awnings are, arguably, the most popular as well. This option allows you to choose whether you’d like your deck or patio to be shady or sunny and transition to either state quickly and easily. Retractable awnings also offer another benefit – having the ability to withdraw your canopy allows you to protect it from damage during rain, snowfall, windstorms, or other hazardous weather events.
  • Retractable Awnings for O’Fallon IL Area Homes

    While every home and every situation is different and the “best” choice will vary from person to person, L & D Wilson Siding and Roofing Inc. recommends retractable awnings to every homeowner based on the numerous benefits they can bring to your property. These include:

    • Improved comfort in your outdoor living area – With retractable awnings, you choose the amount of sunlight your patio or deck receives at any given time. Want some sun on a cool morning? Need extra shade on a hot summer afternoon? You have complete control over the comfort of your outdoor space.
    • Increased energy efficiency – Awnings don’t just keep the sun off of you, they keep it off of your windows and doors as well. This helps to naturally keep your home’s interior cooler – awnings can help reduce heat transfer into your home by up to 80%. A naturally cooler home means less stress on your comfort system which, in turn, leads to lower energy bills.
    • Protection for your furnishings both indoor and outdoor – We all know that direct sunlight can take an eventual toll on our possessions, causing a fading of color amongst other damage. Utilizing a retractable awning can protect your furniture and other belongings – both interior and exterior – from these harmful rays, keeping them looking bright and new for much longer.
    • Enhanced visual appeal – An awning simply gives your deck or patio an attractive design element on top of its ability to keep you comfortable. Customers can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to match their home’s design and enhance their curb appeal.
    • A worthwhile home improvement investment – Taking all of the above factors into account, retractable awnings offer quite a bit of bang for your buck. This addition to your home offers improved comfort, energy efficiency, property value, and curb appeal – how many other home improvements provide that much return on your initial investment?
  • Motorized Awnings

    Choosing a motorized retractable awning allows for more convenience, as you’ll be able to enjoy sun or shade with a simple push of the button. Additionally, motorized awnings have a built in layer of protection with a wind and storm sensor that will retract the awning to minimize damage. This option does come with a higher initial cost, but can be considered more luxurious and convenient due to its ease of use.

  • Manual Awnings

    A manual retractable awning offers the same style and protection options as its motorized counterpart, only it utilizes a hand crank to open and close. Many homeowners choose this option in order to cut some of the upfront cost of installing an awning. Additionally, without the mechanics involved with motorized awnings, manual awnings are easier to install and you won’t have to fear electrical outages or mechanical breakdowns.

    Ready to take the plunge? Contact one of our courteous representatives and consider these elements before making your final purchase decision.

    1. Choose your material wisely – Retractable awnings come in a variety of materials with differing features and benefits. It’s important to analyze your space and needs and choose the material that best suits them.
    2. Find a color that complements your home’s exterior – When extended, your awning is not just highly visible, but can actually draw the eye. For that reason, choosing a complementary color to your home’s style and exterior palette is preferred. There are endless amounts of customization available when it comes to colors and patterns – contact our team and see our selection for yourself.
    3. Select a size that’s right for you – From 8 feet up to 24 feet in width, awnings give you a wide range of choices in regard to size. You’ll need to consider the size of the space you have and how much coverage you desire in order to select a canopy that’s a perfect fit.
    1. Pick the retraction mechanism – Your retractable awning comes with either a manual or a motorized retraction mechanism. You’ll need to take into account the pros and cons of each and what your budget allows for.
    2. The initial investment can be large – A retractable awning is definitely a long term investment in your home. Their size and available features make them slightly costlier than other shading options, but the convenience and efficiency you’ll see will prove to deliver considerable value over time.
    3. Consider the maintenance requirements – While motorized awnings are more convenient, there are more moving parts that could possibly break down. However, manual awnings do not have the benefit of automatically retracting to protect themselves from weather hazards. You’ll have to decide for yourself which system you’d prefer to maintain. Additionally, be prepared to clean the canopy fabric form time to time to prevent mold or other issues from accumulating.
  • At L & D Wilson Siding and Repair Inc., we can help you navigate all the options and considerations of purchasing a retractable awning and deliver expert service and installation to give you the comfortable outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of!